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So uh. Obviously if you're looking at this site you can put it together that I'm trans.

The way I'd describe my gender is that I'm a lesbian first, a girl second, a kitty third, and a woman when it's funny. I don't really identify as binary or nonbinary because I don't feel the distinction really matters when you're trans; though I suppose you could say that I'm a nonbinary transfem. I don't consider myself a woman (though I will call myself one out of convenience or as part of a joke) because while I'm feminine, I feel no connection to any notions of womanhood outside of lesbianism.

I use she/her because I'm a girl.

I started using mew/mews as my second pronoun set for my catgirl gender... I wanted something cute and feline.

I use it/its also for my creature gender.... it's the most recent one I've added since I've stopped caring as much abt pronouns and started having fun with them.

Examples of how to use mew/mews pronouns: