This is a dream I had a while before I knew I was trans, but in hindsight it is incredibly transgender. I'm not sure if it was some sort of unconscious processing of dysphoria or something, or if it was pure coincidence.
Within the dream I was this servant to a famous scientist, who had invented a machine that was capable of bestowing sentience upon inanimate matter. He was verbally abusive towards me and overall a nasty person. One day while I was doing things around the house, I found a mirror. No real explanation for it, it was just there. This was the fisrt time I had ever gotten a good look at myself. The bulk of my body was this plastic mannequin torso; it was weirdly kinda wavy, as if shrinkwrap had been melted onto the surface. Attached to where my legs would have joined my hips was instead a set of simple wheels on axles. Finally, in place of a neck and head was an oversized turkey beak, complete with a wattle and such. Upon realizing what my body actually looked like, I was overtaken with visceral rage and disgust. I rushed up into the attic of the house, and used the scientist's machine to grant myself the human body I had in the waking world. From there I proceeded to grab a kitchen knife and stab him to death. That's all I can remember of the dream.