This is one of the only notable good dreams I've had. This dream brought me so much gender euphoria that for multiple days after waking up from it, I would almost start crying because I wanted it to be real so badly.
The dream started off with me coming out of suspended animation. I was in a sort of run down chapel, with foliage poking through holes in the wall. In the dream I was someone who I can only describe as magical girl- adjacent. I had a beautiful pink and white dress decorated with frills and lace. I had a sword made of a prism of beautiful, reflective, pink crystal. With the kinda domed handguard? I don't know much about swords but hopefully you can get the picture. Anyways, I stepped out of the stasis pod and am greeted by other magical girl-adjacent people. Specifics drop off from there, but I then lived in this commune with the others in this beautiful post-apocalypse that had been reclaimed by nature. I do remember a scene where I stood on a mall escalator looking at a holographic display I was carrying.