This is the most recent major nightmare that I've had.
This dream revolves around an untitled book. It was a sort of self-help book that was supposedly a synthesis of House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski and Kitty Horrorshow's ANATOMY. The thesis of the work was that, because a house is a living being, if you do not like your house, you must get to its heart and work out your relationship with the house. The book itself had supernatural properties, and would cause your house to come alive in its presence.
The dream itself started with me in my childhood home, pulling the book off of my bookshelf. Immediately the walls of the house started wavering and convulsing, and it began yelling at me, its words taking form as shaky scarlet bubble letters extruded from the house's walls. Terrified, I made my way to the center of the house. It was a strange closet in a corridor, reminiscent of an antique shop. In a filing cabinet surrounded by taxidermy I found the deed, the house's heart. It released ripples of red energy in time with the house's pulse. At this point I jolted up awake, frozen in terror for the brief second where I was convinced that my apartment was about to eat me alive.