This and the magical girl dream are basically the only notable and interesting "good dreams" that I've had, at least in the past couple years. Can you sense a theme yet?
Compared to a lot of my other dreams my recollection of this one is pretty vague. The POV was a 7/11 cashier with a lanky build, and long black hair. They appeared to be animated kind of like a Jonni Phillips character. He also had a distinct gender from me and used he/she/they pronouns. Recently the 7/11 that they were working at was participating in some sort of promotion that required employees to wear this cheaply crafted pseudo-maid dress (poorly rendered below) themed after a character that was... maybe Hatsune Miku??? Anyways, the protagonist of the dream felt really nice in euphoric in her dress, even if it was low quality, so he just wore it into work even after the promotion was over. They were informed by the manager that the promotion has ended and they awkwardly lied and said that they didn't realize. That's most of the gist of the dream. There was one part where the POV/I had to learn how to use the register and it was very stressful. Even if it wasn't terribly interesting, I woke up feeling very nice.